Hangtime 8.0 – Upcoming Events, Concerts, Parties, and Festivals

2014-09-04_15.17.06Here at Hangtime we are all about upcoming events, concerts, festivals and more. We are extremely excited about Apple’s new iOS 8 release and the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The reason for our excitement? Two great features that will make sure you never miss out on fun with friends *and* greatly improve the ticket purchasing experience. Ever had this happen? You find a great event on Hangtime and want to purchase tickets but you aren’t quite sure which seats to choose. Now just switch to your Mac with OS X Yosemite and we will automatically bring up the event details page with the best possible view of the venue so you can quickly find the best seat and checkout. To see what we mean check out these screenshots of what you would see on your iPhone vs your Mac. 2014-09-04_15.13.20-cropped We know you are busy and often have lots of events going on in a given day. Now we automatically put events you Interest into the brand new Today view. Simply swipe down on the top of your screen and you will see all the events you are interested in. One quick swipe and you can see more details and who is going.


That’s it for now. So, grab iOS8 or a new iPhone and get Hangtime 8 so you never miss out on fun with friends.

Start a Party with Hangtime 6.0 Upcoming Local Events

You love Hangtime for discovering upcoming local events, parties and festivals so you and your friends can attend. Now start your own party and make sure it gets discovered on Hangtime, Facebook and the Web! Hangtime is now the only app that shows you upcoming events and is also the easiest and fastest way to create an event.


We have taken everything we know about helping you discover upcoming events and put it into our new create event feature.  We use our massive database of over 32 million upcoming events to ensure your event is the best it can be.

Create Event Screenshot

Create your own event and get the word out

Make sure your friends get the invitation, Hangtime is the only app that allows you to invite friends through text, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. See who has viewed your invitation and who is going in real time. 

Save time by inviting groups of people to your event with a single tap.  We have groups for local friends, Hangtime Friends, Suggested Friends and many more.

Event Analytics Screenshot

See how your event compares to other similar events

Make your event stand out!  Introducing event analytics.  We compare your event to millions of similar upcoming events so we can give feedback on your title, description and event image and you can improve them so people will discover your events.  Each item is given a grade from A to F and we make specific recommendations so you can improve your event and make sure it stands out from other nearby events and as many people attend as possible!

Make sure your guests stay informed by chatting with them.  No one wants to attend parties wondering what to wear or if there are last minute changes.  Now chat with guests, so you can make sure all their questions are answered before the event starts. 

Want your event to show up on Facebook? Choose “Post to Facebook” and we automatically create the Facebook event and invite people you chose on Facebook. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start a party with Hangtime!

Download on App Store

Announcing Hangtime 5

Easier, Faster and Beautiful

Today we are pleased to announce Hangtime 5, the culmination of months of combing through all your feedback and a complete re-imagination of our product to take advantage of the latest features of the iPhone® and iPod touch®.  Our goal with this release was to let the events and your friends be the centerpiece of the experience so you can focus on having fun with your friends.

Before we dive into all the great benefits you will enjoy with the new Hangtime, allow us to share some of the quotes from people who got to use Hangtime 5 in a private beta test.

“Homepage that has all of the days, the most popular events and your selected categories. MUCH easier to use than before!”


“The new colors and lay-out are significantly more appealing”

“I like how you can search events by the category you’re interested in”

Thanks to all of you who provided feedback and in particular to those of you who participated in the early access program and use a pre-release version of  Hangtime 5.  Now Hangtime 5 is available for everyone so please download it on the App Store℠.

Hangtime iOS App

So, what is everyone so excited about?

Stunning new user interface makes it faster and easier to see what your friends are doing.

  • Completely new event cards making it faster and easier to get event info

  • Brand new headers that show you whether friends are going and the time of the event without going to event details

  • Much faster event scrolling and loading thanks to the latest iOS 7 technology

  • Completely redesigned event details view so you can get the details you need quickly

Fast access to the all the information you care about in our new toolbar with tabs for Events, My Events, Friends, Notifications and Settings.

Hangtime 5 Toolbar

My Events Tab, where you can see events you are interested in and events you are invited to.

Friends Tab, where you can easily view profiles and events from specific friends and people you follow

Notifications Tab, to access latest activities from friends and chat

Hangtime 5 Interests

Brand new ability to see only events related to a particular Interest.

Like Fitness?  Tap on the “Fitness” interest and you will only see Fitness related events.

Hangtime 5 Deals and Discounts

Even more deals and discounts near your favorite events so you can have a good time and not spend a fortune.

You said you hated duplicate events so we got rid of them! We now merge the best information from all our sources into one event and it even includes all the places you can buy tickets!

If you can believe it even more events!  28 million and counting!

So many bugs smashed we can’t list them all

At Hangtime our mission is to make sure you never miss out on fun with friends.  We believe we have taken a giant step forward with Hangtime 5 thanks to your feedback and support.  Thank You.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Chat, Tickets, Deals, and Discounts: Hangtime 4.0

Yes, it’s been a while but we have been hard at work! This release brings more great features you have been asking for along with events from the hottest artists, your favorite sports team and much more.

How many times have you sent this text to your friends?

“Want to check out this event?”

Then you have to figure out whom to send it to, collect feedback and respond to questions.

Chat Now Hangtime saves you from all the hassle with our new chat feature! Tap Interested and then choose the people you want to share the event with and you are instantly put into a chat to discuss the event. Don’t worry if your friends don’t have Hangtime (although they should) we will send them a text and if they reply we will add it to the chat. While in the chat instantly see who is interested or in for the event. Planning to do something with friends has never been easier!

You loved seeing the events, but what about tickets? Never fear, the buy tickets button is here! We scour the Internet to find sources for tickets so all you have to do is tap Get Tickets and we make it easy for you to purchase tickets. You will now see the Get Tickets button for concerts, sporting events, clubs and even discounted events.


Tired of paying full price? So are we! Looking for something to do near an event that won’t break the bank? Looking to grab food at a restaurant before the show? Or take a relaxing trip to the spa after your run at the local 5K event? You don’t need to pay full price since we added deals and discounts near your event. Just swipe to see the event details and you will see deals and discounts near the event. Tap Buy Now and grab the offer to save money!

Way, way more events! Concerts from the hottest artists like Beyonce, your favorite team’s game like the San Francisco Giants and hundreds of thousands more.

We hope you enjoy the latest version of Hangtime. Keep the feedback and 5 star ratings coming!

Download 4.0 today! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hangtime-events/id570448129

Check-ins, Notification Center and Even More Events: Hangtime 2.5

Notification CenterWell we are back with another blockbuster release filled with awesome new features and bug fixes.

We know you want to make sure your friends can find you and hang out so now you can check-in on Facebook when you click “Here”. As always this is optional in case you want to keep it private.

Our all-new notification center ensures you never miss out on a chance to hang out with friends or meet new ones. When a friend is interested in an event, you’ll see their face appear. Tap it to see what they are up to along with all of the recent activity of your friends. Never miss a chance to have fun with friends.

Twitter users you will love this release with the new Twitter event cards. Events shared on Twitter display our Event cards with beautiful images and who is going so your Twitter followers can see if they are interested more easily.

Even more events: Scroll to the time you want to go out and you will find more events. Not enough? Simply tap the stack of events to see even more! Hide them again with a simple pinch.

Yes we have made our event images shared on facebook even more beautiful than before.

So you get events you are interested in first we have revamped our technology for sorting events giving you events in your interest area and from your close friends before anything else.

Upgraded search: Delivers better results with improved relevance.

Thanks for your feedback on making it easier to find friends events! We heard you loud and clear and improved the user interface so you see which events your friends are interested in and it’s easier to see the event’s start time.

People loved being able to see Eventbrite events and so we improved the way they are displayed and are supplying even more info about the event

Finally we upgraded our Facebook integration so you get easier login and can tag friends when sharing via Facebook.

Thanks again for all your feedback and support. With your help we will make sure you never miss out on a chance to hang with friends or meet new ones!

Download the latest version from iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hangtime-events/id570448129

Re-imagined user interface, unique search and Evenbrite events: Hangtime 2.0

Screenshot 6We have been hard at work listening to your feedback and implementing it in this new version of Hangtime.  In our tireless effort to help you have more fun with your friends and meet new ones, we think we have made tremendous strides.

The new version unveils a re-imagined user interface streamlines the experience, and includes the unprecedented ability to search events and see them according to popularity among your friends. It also delivers integration with the leading self-service, online ticketing company, Eventbrite.  This new version makes it even easier to see friends’ social future – from concerts to poetry readings and more – so you can find more ways to hang out with friends and meet new ones.  Hangtime 2.0 for iPhone is available immediately on the App Store


For this new version you will notice our:

Re-Imagined User Interface

  • Seeing is believing!  New stunning, high-resolution event images.  Like these
  • Be in the know.  See what your friends are doing faster with all the popular events among your friends.   In the previous version events your friends were going to mixed with popular events.  Now you see all the events your friends have an interest in first.
  • Friends not doing anything?  Start a party by choosing from events near you tuned to your interests.  In this new version now you can choose from 33 Interests from baseball to techno music and you will see events based on your interests.
  • Still out of ideas?   Our first-of-its-kind search helps you instantly find the perfect last minute event from our millions of choices.  You like jazz, search “jazz”, find an event near you and tap “Interested” to spread the word.
  • No more missed opportunities.  Don’t miss out on your close friends events by checking their event profile showing all the events they are interested in.
  • Check out the Crowd.  Like the event but not sure about the crowd?  Try our new attendee view with brilliant profile pictures.

New Ways To Include Friends

Everyone loves finding a great event and telling friends they are interested in it, in fact, 30% of you do it every day.  Now in Hangtime 2.0, you can show you are committed to going by clicking “I’m In”, and keep it just between you and your friends if you like.  Want to make sure your friends know you are at the party?  Tap “I’m Here” and again share it with the world through a check-in, or keep it between you and your friends.

Even More Events 

Hangtime is committed to building the largest catalog of events in the world, so our customers have infinite choices for fun with friends.  Today the company is taking another step toward this goal by integrating Eventbrite events.  Last year Eventbrite hosted more than 500,000 events and are widely recognized as the leading online ticketing platform.


There are many more great additions and bug fixes we hope you will enjoy.  Keep the feedback coming and we will continue our quest to ensure you never miss out on fun with friends or a chance to meet a new one!